Quick Weight Loss Is Not What You Really Need

Published:July 16th, 2010

Almost everybody who wants to lose weight, wants to do it quickly. However, you have to be aware that quick weight loss has side effects, of which the most important is that you might end up with putting on weight as soon as you stopped dieting. Quick weight loss is usually achieved through reducing calories intake. Unfortunately, our body interprets this as a crisis and starts storing body fat. As soon as you are off the diet, the calories you consume are turned into fat and the result is a yo-yo of weight loss and gain.

Crash diets usually mean less minerals and vitamins which are important for the normal functioning of the organism. With quick weight loss diets you usually lose a lot of potassium. When this happens, your heart can go into irregular rhythms.

Your weight represents a balance between calorie intake and calorie expense. Heredity is one factor that can cause a person to become overweight. Lack of the hormone called leptin is one other reason.
You have to think of weight loss as a long term goal which entails permanent lifestyle changes. Focusing on losing weight should be supplemented by a strategy to keep you weight once you achieve your desired goal. Changes in your lifestyle mean eating low calorie and low fat meals and moderate exercise.

You can achieve better results if you use appetite suppresants or fat blockers. Appetite suppressants are supplements that can reduce your appetite by inducing a sensation of satiety even when you eat a small amount of food. Fat blockers help you lose weight by preventing the fats from your diet from being absorbed. Even if the fat in your diet does not turn into body fat, you might still want to lose fat you already stored.Hoodia gordonii is a natural appetite suppressant and this is why it is included in weight loss patches. P57 contained in Hoodia is responsible for creating the satiety sensation. It mimicks the action of glucose for our brains, which receiving the signals that you are full, curbs you cravings for food.P57 is a molecule that is 10,000 times more active than glucose.

Besides reducing your appetite, boosting your metabolism is another way weight loss patches work. A slow metabolic rate is not helpful for weight loss purposes. You can achieve a higher metabolic rate by eating less but more frequent. This way you can use all the calories you have consumed. Breakfast is very important if you want to achieve a higher metabolic rate. Start your day by eating something healthy. Skipping breakfast might result in overeating later in the day and this will lead to weight gain. Skipping meals will lower your metabolic rate so this is why you should try to eat smaller portions more frequently during the day. Your metabolic rate will increase if you exercise often.If you have time to exercise in the morning, this also helps your metabolism speed up. Weight loss supplements include ingredients that can speed up your metabolism.

Green tea is a metabolic booster that is contained in weight loss patches and together with appetite suppressants such as Hoodia Gordonii can help you achieve the desired weight.

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