Lose Weight Using Your Phone

Published:July 19th, 2010

If you are interested in counting the calories and keeping track of the pounds you lose, an application that you can download on your smartphone is one tool you can count on today.

These apps are sometimes free and they are all easy to use. You can now lose weight using a phone app, which can be a supplement to the traditional dieting programs you have been used to. LoseIt is one such free application that has been released in November 2008 and over five million people have downloaded it since. You have to enter your age, weight and weight goal and the application tells you what to eat and how much exercise you need every day. A database of 40,000 food items will be used to calculate how many calories you consume every time you have a meal.

One of the most difficult component in a weight loss program is eating fewer calories. But when you are able to track down calories, it becomes easier to lose weight. You can enter data about every meal on your phone. Every time you are faced with a choice on what to order, the application can tell you immediately which has fewer calories.

You will be able to quickly see patterns and in time you can make smarter decisions to support your weight loss goals.
As there are several application available today, try to choose the most intuitive one. You can share your progress with friends via Facebook and Twitter with applications that have social networking built in.

Besides LoseIt, other popular applications are Calorie Counter, Tap & Track and Weight Watchers Mobile.They allow you to sync up with their sites and online subscribers can download the applications for free.

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