Weight Loss Patches and Body Fat

Published:January 23rd, 2011

Body fat has become a widely used and recommended indicator of fitness. By monitoring body fat and weight regularly, people can learn about any changes in fitness as time goes by, things that cannot be learned by simply weighing with a scale. Monitoring body fat is useful for determining changes in muscle tissue over time. Muscle tissue can increase or decrease depending on the diet, activities, exercise and lifestyle of a person.

Various studies have shown that the typical American loses muscle tissue and gains fat steadily after the age of 20. This is due to the typical lifestyle with too little exercise and too much fat in the diet. Fad diets with little exercise can cause more muscle tissue than fat. If a person goes off such a diet and gains weight back, there is a higher chance that they gain more fat and lass muscle, so they end up worse off than before the diet.

Weight loss patches are designed using an advanced method of delivering vital nutrients via the skin. The active ingredients in the weight loss patches are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, and the release system is highly efficient. There are two major patch delivery systems, the matrix and the reservoir. The matrix system uses a dosage in adhesive system. These patches are smaller but more effective in the delivery of nutrients.

Weight loss patches use fine natural ingredients to ensure optimal weight loss. Get Slim Fat Loss Patch, for example is a transdermal patch using Forslean, an ayurvedic herb that can increase the metabolism while at the same time protecting lean muscle. These patches assist the body to decrease food cravings and to increase metabolism. Used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise plan, such weight loss patches can offer exciting results.

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