Shape Patch

Published:May 1st, 2011

Shape Patch is a weight loss solution claiming to be different from several other patches on the market, based on research that is continuously undertaken to prove results. Shape Patch works by controlling the appetite, helping you eat less of any food you wish to eat and get used to eating less than before using the product. Its manufacturers claim that you can still lose weight gradually even after you stopped applying the patches because your eating habits have changed.

Shape Patch has sold millions of patches starting with 1992 in over 40 countries and is promoted as the right answer for those who are interested in losing weight and keeping it off. One of the most efficient ingredients of Shape Patch is Bladderwrack, a sea plant which have been used even by ancient cultures as a remedy for obesity. Shape Patch boasts a unique herb extraction process that is capable of avoiding any damage to the algae and which helps preserving the appetite suppressant properties of Bladderwrack.

The company’s marketing program also offers you the opportunity to join the international team and start your own Shape Patch business. You are offered information on how you can become successful with Shape Patch and help to get started.

Compared to Slim Weight Patch, Shape Patch is a more expensive solution. Slim Weight Patches contain a variety of natural ingredients which can work together to boost weight loss. At the same time, while Shape Patch manufacturers claim that there are studies that have proven the efficacy of their products, there is not enough evidence that people have lost weight at the rate stated by Shape Patch manufacturers.

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