Can We Get Rid Of Stubborn Fat?

Published:September 2nd, 2010

Fat cells are part of our genetic code and they are designed to store energy when food is scarce. The mechanism for survival has been working for more than 10,000 years, however today food supplies are not scarce and on the contrary, food in modern society can be found in abundance.

Whenever you consume many calories, the body turns on this mechanism and stored energy for days when food may be scarce. Only that such days do not come by often in our modern society, so we end up with extra fat. If we eat less calories, our bodies are forced into releasing the fat for energy, but not all fat is the same.

Fat deposits on our bodies depend on genetics, lifestyle and nutritional intake.

Hormones determine the fat distribution as well. Some fat deposits are more stubborn and while many diets and weight loss programs work at the beginning, but soon you reach a plateau and body fat seems to come back.

In addition, women have a higher percentage of body fat than men. Fat cells are five times bigger in women than in men, so they can store more fat. There are also more fat storing enzymes in women’s bodies. The enzymes tend to be balanced in healthy persons, but an unbalanced system develops insulin resistance which contributes to the body storing more fat.

Fat that can be called stubborn is a result of hormonal pathways that are broken down. Age is an important factor and fat deposits increase and become more resistant to weight loss methods as we become older.
Yo-yo dieting can increase fat as we lose weight on crash diets but then regain it. The activity and exercise levels are an important factor as well. This is why weight loss patches can provide an improved method of losing weight.

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