Best Foods For Weight Loss

Published:February 18th, 2011

According to Self Magazine some foods can help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. These foods are cheese, almonds, coffee, green tea, peppers, eggs and portobello mushrooms.

Cheese and eggs in the morning can help you burn more fat than a high-carb breakfast. Such a combination also helps you burn fat all during the day. In addition, the amino acids in egg whites help building lean muscle, which in turn can help the body burn fat all day long. The linoleic acid in cheese is also responsible for boosting metabolism. Ricotta cheese is the best choice, as it is low in calories and sodium.

Almonds are a great source of vitamin E and are very high in protein, compared to other nuts. They are beneficial for the immune system as well and can ease hunger between meals. Eating almonds can reduce the glycemic index of any meal and also the rise in blood sugar after eating.

Coffee can also boost your metabolism and so does green tea.Chili peppers can activate the fat burning signals in our brain and if you do not like spicy foods, you can obtain the same effect by adding poblano peppers to your diet.

Mushrooms are among the most medicinal of all the foods. Portobello mushrooms are rich in copper and pantothenic acid which can kick-start your metabolism. The potassium in portobellos helps your body eliminate extra salt and there is more potassium in such mushrooms than in bananas. Foods that are rich in potassium help maintain a normal heart rhythm, balance fluids and protect muscle and nerve functions. These mushrooms are also an excellent source of selenium, which is an important mineral for antioxidant activity.

So if you decide to try these foods for weight loss, you might benefit from all the additional health benefits.

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