Avoid The Weight Loss Patch Scams

Published:June 1st, 2010

There are two major scams you should be wary about:

-The Placebo Type Patches

-The Free Trial Weight Loss Patch Offers

The Placebo Type Patches

The FTC recently closed down various weight loss patch manufacturers which were selling patches, which they claimed could help consumers lose excessive amounts of weight by simply wearing their patch. It turned out that these patches either didn’t work as described, contained nothing more than fillers, or had not passed any clinical tests to prove their efficiency.

Needless to say, you must always make sure that the product you are buying fits the following criteria:

-Is this patch clinically tested?

-Are the ingredients FDA approved or medically backed?

-Is there a money back guarantee?

If the patch you are buying doesn’t meet these criteria stay away!

The Free Trial Weight Loss Patch Offers

There’s a type of website springing up online lately called a Free trial site. What these sites say they are going to do is send you their product to try for free. The idea being that you’ll love the product and buy more, maybe even becoming a lifetime customer.

Makes sense right?

Well that’s exactly what these companies are hoping you think. And if these companies were legitimate, honest and above board, you’d be safe in thinking that.

But use them at your peril. They are very dangerous to sign up to.

What will actually happen is you’ll be asked to give your credit card details but “purely for the delivery charge” which is usually quite cheap. But you’ll be instantly signed up to a subscription system and be sent a new shipment every single month.

“But I didn’t ask for that! I just wanted my free trial then I’ll make my mind up if I want more or not” I hear you.

That’s irrelevant to them.

But once they have your credit card details they’ll bill you every month. Whether you asked for it or not!

Try cancelling your order! That’s if you want to spend hours in total frustration, being passed from pillar to post. That’s if you can get hold of anyone in the first place. Then they will give you the runaround to discourage you from even trying to cancel.

But one of the worst things is most of these ‘free trial’ sites over charge for what you get to the tune of $70 or $80, when the standard product should be $30 to $40.

These SCAM websites do get shut down but MORE appear to take their place! AVOID THEM or you will lose your money.

“A record $1,375,000 settlement was announced recently by Attorney General Terry Goddard against Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc.(“CCN”) of Phoenix. The settlement resolves a consumer fraud lawsuit that alleged deceptive online sales practices by CCN.

CCN will pay $1 million in civil penalties to the state , $350,000 in consumer restitution and $25,000 to cover the state’s legal and investigative costs.

After receiving hundreds of consumer complaints, Goddard brought the lawsuit against CCN in December 2008. In it he alleged that CCN used a variety of deceptive tactics marketing low-cost “risk-free” trial offers of health supplements.

According to the complaints, consumers who purchased the low-cost “risk-free trial offers” of CCN’s health supplements were also charged for costly products and services that they did not request.

So don’t be fooled, only purchase weight loss patches from trusted retailers, avoid the “free trials” and make sure the products you buy are clinically tested to work!

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