Weight Watchers Introduces A New Program To Improve Eating Habits

Published:December 9th, 2010

The PointsPlus program is the biggest innovation of the world-renowned leader in weight management, Weight Watchers. PointsPlus uses the latest scientific research to create a program that can offer people a better solution to lose weight and keep it off. This new program is aimed at educating and encouraging people to choose foods that require the body more work to convert them into energy, foods that create a sense of fullness, natural foods rather than foods that contain added sugars and fats.

People will learn to incorporate healthier habits in small and easily manageable steps. Many weight loss programs have employed calorie counting as a foundation, but PointsPlus program can help people make healthy and satisfying choices that go beyond measuring calories.

The program emphasizes the importance of foods that are low in energy density but are more satisfying. Power Foods is a way of identifying the best choices among similar foods and fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins have proven to be a natural way to achieve people’s weight loss goals.

The PointsPlus program has been tested in an independent trial and the results have shown significant weight loss and improvements in cardiovascular risk factors. Besides clinical testing, thousands of people in the US have been beta-testing the new program. The PointsPlus program will be launched on the 5th of December in Canada and on the 6th on Weight Watchers Online.

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