Weight Loss Enhanced By Water Before Meals

Published:August 24th, 2010

A clinical trial showed that participants who drank two cups of water before meals lost five pounds on average over a 12 weeks period. This was the first clinical trial that proved that increased water intake is effective in losing weight.

48 adults with ages between 55 and 75 participated in the trial, separated into two groups, one of which was the control group of non-water drinkers. Both groups ate a low calorie diet during the period of the trial.

Researchers considered that drinking water is effective as it means zero calories associated with water together with the sensation of satiety achieved by drinking it. The result of drinking water before meals was that fewer calories were consumed during the meals. Replacing sweetened drinks with water can also mean a reduction in the calorie intake.

While natural thirst can be a guide on how much water to drink, 9 cups of fluid per day, including water is recommended for women, while for men, the recommended amount is 13 cups for men.

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