Qnexa Has Not Met FDA Standards

Published:July 22nd, 2010

Qnexa is an advanced diet drug that is being developed and has shown some promising results. However, the FDA has not approved the new weight loss drug after reviewing the clinical data.
Qnexa is an appetite suppressant that can decrease your hunger allowing you to lose weight easily. Patients have reported between 10% to 15% loss of the body weight when using this product.

Qnexa contains phentermine which is approved for short-term weight loss treatment, and topiramate. Phentermine has proven to be efficient in fighting obesity for years. Topiramate, on the other hand, has been linked to attention and memory problems. The side effects that determined the FDA to vote against Qnexa are risks of birth defects, suicide risk, metabolic acidosis, which also increases risk of bone loss and risk of kidney stones.

Qnexa is developed by Vivus, Inc, a pharmaceutical company based in California. It has been effective in weight loss treatments and is recognized as being superior to other products on the market. Safety concerns however have to be addressed before obtaining approval.

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