Psychological Acupuncture For Weight Loss

Published:June 30th, 2010

A study conducted by Griffith University that involved 96 persons has found that acupuncture helped in reducing appetite. The most significant weight loss was 10 kilograms. The acupuncture sessions lasted two hours and four such sessions were scheduled every week. Eight pressure points on the face and body were tapped while participants were directed to focus on certain emotions and thoughts.

Such psychological acupuncture technique was aimed at overriding emotional eating on a long term basis. The results of the study were assessed after a period of one year and looked promising enough even from the beginning of the year long study. The people involved in the study were overweight or obese. Dr. Peta Stapleton said that participants have not only lost weight but also kept it off.

We have solid data that showed a significant reduction in body mass index from before to after the 12 month study.

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