Potatoes For Weight Loss

Published:October 14th, 2010

Researchers at the University of California, Illinois Institute of Technology, Davis and the National Center for Food Safety have just released the results of a study which proves that potatoes can be included in the diet of people who wish to lose weight. As a vegetable with a high glycemic index, potatoes have always been avoided by people interested in weight loss.

However, the results of this recent study confirm that when it comes to weight loss, eliminating certain food groups is not as important as reducing calories. If potatoes are prepared in a healthy manner, they do not contribute to weight gain, according to the lead researcher, Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman.

The study involved 86 overweight people, who were involved in a 12 week program which measured the effects of a reduced calorie modified glycemic index diet where potatoes were added. The diet included five to seven servings of potatoes each week and all the participants lost weight.

The subjects used recipes provided by the researchers and were offered counseling for successful dietary adherence.

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