Patches On Your Tongue – New Weight Loss Technique

Published:July 10th, 2010

A new weight loss technique that involves stitching a small piece of polyethylene mesh onto your tongue has been proposed so that ingesting solid foods becomes more difficult and liquid, low calorie diets are preferred. It has been tested on patients who have tried all sorts of weight loss diets but have not obtained satisfactory results. The patches are removed after some time, but patients continue to diet on right foods and exercise to keep weight off. It is a rather expensive option, involving surgery. It is not a standard diet procedure but it can be safer than gastric bypass or liposuction.

The procedure is quite controversial and once the patch is removed, it is highly probably that people will go back to eating solid food as before. However, it is complemented with psychological consults and weekly assessments that can reinforce training on what to eat and how to eat right to obtain durable results in weight loss.

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