Paris Hilton Wearing Weight Loss Patches

Published:August 15th, 2010

Paris Hilton has been spotted at a recent party in Los Angeles, wearing a skimpy outfit that revealed what looked like a weight loss patch. Although OK! Magazine speculated that it might have been a nicotine patch, there have also been rumours about other Paris Hilton’s frustrated attempts to diet.

Celebrities like Paris Hilton use weight loss patches which are quickly becoming the latest diet trend. While traditional diet pills are inefficient in most cases, weight loss patches can deliver all the active ingredients right down to your bloodstream.

The slimming patches are a two inches square sticking plaster and can be used on any part of the body. They work by increasing the body’s capacity to burn excess fat and at the same time suppressing the appetite. Combining these two approaches in weight loss patches is what made them so popular.

SlimWeight, the manufacturers of one type of weight loss patches have declared that their products are better as the method of delivery is more efficient.

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