Obsession With Weight Loss On The Internet

Published:June 21st, 2010

Sites that offer advice for achieving weight loss with purging and water-only fasts, or for hiding rapid weight loss from doctors and parents abound on the Internet. Unfortunately, more and more pro-anorexia or pro-bulimia websites are present and influence teenagers, and besides websites there are plenty of bloggers dealing with the same topic.

Advice like drinking lots of water before being weighed or hiding weights in their clothes is readily available from such sources. Most of them encourage the idea that eating disorders are not a problem. Teenagers exposed to these sites have lower levels of self-esteem and body dissatisfaction. As a result they develop eating disorders that are harder to treat.

Dr. Ira Sacker is an eating disorder specialist who is alarmed by the growth in popularity of such sites and the effect they have on young people.

The people on these sites want to be using the eating disorder as their identity, and they want to communicate with others like them

Thinspiration comes in the form of photos or videos featuring very thin models and actresses and are ever present on such sites. The obsession with weight loss can develop into depression, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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