Fish Oil Cannot Accelerate Weight Loss

Published:December 24th, 2010

Dr. Laura F. DeFina and her colleagues of The Cooper Institute in Dallas have published a new research which has shown that omega-3 fatty acids are not helping people with their weight loss goals. Although previous studies on animals have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can promote weight loss, other studies in people have had mixed results.

Fish oil has other potential health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, improving insulin sensitivity or reducing blood pressure. However, the new study, which involved 128 sedentary people who took fish oil capsules for 24 weeks, showed that no significant loss was registered. Participants in the study also performed 150 minutes a week of aerobic exercise and 30 minutes of strength exercises twice a week. People in both the placebo group and the omega-3 group lost weight, but the difference in the two groups was not statistically significant.

Even if such supplements do not enhance weight loss, a protective cardiovascular effect, due to the increase in blood concentrations of fatty acids was considered a positive healthy outcome.

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