Effective Weight Loss Strategies Studied in Clinical Trials

Published:October 11th, 2010

Lifestyle changes which include physical activity and well structured weight loss programs can bring about significant weight loss for overweight adults, according to two recent reports. The papers were presented at the 28th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Obesity Society and will be published in the October 27 issue of JAMA. Obesity is the most significant public health problem of the 21st century and prevalence of obesity has been rising for the past three decades. The papers highlighted the increased risk of other medical problems associated with obesity, including diabetes and high blood pressure.

In a one year intensive lifestyle intervention study of diet and physical activity, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School or Medicine assessed weight loss for a group of 130 severely obese adults. Liquid and pre-packaged meal replacements were provided at no cost for almost all meals. Brisk walking up to 60 minutes for five days a week was included as part of the physical activity component of the program.

The results showed significant weight loss and improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors. Additional studies are needed to determine efficacy on the long term.

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