Chili Peppers Are Not Useful For Weight Loss

Published:October 17th, 2010

A new study has concluded that substances in chili peppers are not as helpful for weight loss as it was believed. The chemical substance which the study focused on was dihydrocapsiate, which was considered an effective tool for weight management, according to Jun Tashiro at the Japanese food maker Ajinomoto, the producer of the diet supplement Capsiate Natura.

Researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana conducted a study whose results showed an increase of just 50 more calories burned during one day. This result is not considered as a significant benefit for subjects that participated in the study, taking pills that contained dihydrocapsiate.

Dihydrocapsiate is closely related to capsaicin, a chemical compound that creates a burning sensation which you experience when you eat chili peppers of spicy food. Although capsiaicin has shown results in increasing metabolism, it has an extremely hot taste, so there were hopes that dihydrocapsiate could prove a better alternative.

Capsiate Natura is only available in the U.S. and contains 3 miligrams of dihydrocapsiate. This is the equivalent of 10 cayenne peppers, which most people cannot eat because it upsets their stomachs.

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Comment by Paul Hasan, October 19, 2010

Although the study conducted by the Japanese food maker was right about chili pepper was right but I totally agree with the fact that the substances in chili pepper are not useful for weight loss.

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